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Red is a color of my blistering fire
For you, my love.
Orange is a color  of my desire
That never will have enough.
Yellow is for my joy and cheer
For you, my love.
Green is  my hope,  as bright and clear
As heaven shining above.
Blue is a color of my dreams and care
I will never be tired of.
Indigo is for a prayer I share
With you, my love.
And violet is to hold the row
Of colors from falling apart.
And let this rainbow be a road,
A road from heart to heart.
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I know your face so well,
That if any of your freckles goes away,
I will notice it at a glance.
I know your face so well,
That it seems to be engraved
On the inner side of my eyelids -
I close my eyes, and I see you at once.
I know your face so well,
That I could have drawn it
On a big white wall,
Tracing your features straight out of my heart,
Kissing you with a piece of charcoal instead of my lips
In a way of art.
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Night after night I have a dream
Of a gloomy and barren land
Of no color. And there is a stream
Flowing through the sand.
So dark are the waters, so plain is the sight,
And it gets even darker night after night.
And every night there is a child,
A child on the other side.
A tiny boy with golden hair,
Standing all alone on the other side
Of the stream in the middle of the nowhere
With nobody else in sight.
And every night the river grows wider,
With time it may turn into a sea.
The darkness deepens, the wind gets wilder,
And soon I will not be able to see
Anymore a kid with golden hair.
The delicate silent boy, so light
That he seems to be floating in the air,
Will be swallowed by the night.

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I am so happy when the spring is in bloom,
When the wind is warm, and the sun is bright.
But when the skies are a threatening gloom,
Then it`s me who has to be the light.

I am so happy when the luck is in gain,
When the joy is shining within every face.
But when the life is a miserable pain,
Then it`s me who has to be the grace.

I am so happy when the life is like a card,
All pink, with a rose, a heart, and a dove.
But when it gets cruel, loveless and hard,
Then it`s me who has to be the love.
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I wrote "turquoise is in his eyes".
So what if that is not true?
Oh hell, if I would scrutinize,
His eyes are barely blue.
I wrote "thunder lives in his curls".
So what if that is not true?
His curls - forget about it, girls,
You clearly can see through.
That sort of a guy you can see around
By hundreds every day.
But I look at him, and my heart melts down
In a funny and tender way.

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